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Little Nuggets

Mighty Moose book series is currently stocked and available to purchase from Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many more stores..’

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Make way for Mighty Moose!

Our creative team started to work with book publishers’ little nuggets and inspiring children’s author Abi Adewusi in October 2021. Our initial brief was to raise awareness of their leading children’s book series ‘Mighty Moose.’ A series of five books within the collection, Abi focused on successfully launching their Christmas edition by mid-November 2021.

Our team put together a strategic content calendar and executed this via social media across Facebook and Instagram – an exciting project to work on. There were interactive activities for the young readers to get involved with within the content, and a focus on supporting parents to encourage their children to read.

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Mighty Moose’s Christmas wish… came true

Launching the Christmas book, alongside raising awareness for the rest of the Might Moose series, was a delight to work on, utilising our agency skills of bespoke graphic design and copywriting. We proudly overcame the challenges caused by the pandemic; however, even with the restrictions, the social media campaign organically grew and raised awareness as we set out to do.

  • Social Media Management

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

I am glad I chose Refined Marketing to work on my Mighty Moose children’s book series. They did a great job with regular creative postings on social media, taking on board my feedback and running things by me and keeping me informed. Will happily work with them again at some time in the future!

Abi Adewusi, Author

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