Our Approach

Our design team at Refined will make it their priority to understand the needs of your brand. You will find our approach to your project honest, realistic, and successful.

Our Methodology

BOOM – Definition verb (to progress, grow, or flourish as a business)

Refined Marketing BOOM Methodology - Brief

Together we will explore your brief, and research your business, industry, and competitors, getting to grips with how your customers interact with you, and what support we can give you to produce a successful project.

Refined Marketing BOOM Methodology - Open

After the research stage, our designers will create a robust proposal which will openly and honestly talk through your expectations as a client and how Refined Marketing can work with you to fulfil your brief.

Refined Marketing BOOM Methodology - Orchestrate

We are now at the design stage, and this is when your story starts to come alive! Just like orchestrating beautiful music, the design process will consider many elements, including the initial research, and proposal.

Our talented creatives will produce a number of variations of first concepts, and once you are happy you will have the final designs refined to perfection.

Refined Marketing BOOM Methodology - Manage

So, you now have your beautiful project ready to be launched into your industry – what next? Refined Marketing are a full-service integrated marketing agency… which in simple terms means we can help manage all aspects of your marketing materials.

Our team can support you, with taking your new branding, campaign, and design that we have created across all platforms- social media, events, print and online.

Our account management approach at Refined will ensure your brand evolves to tell the most captivating and successful story!

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