PPC – The Basics

If you are reading this blog, then the chances are, you’re about to embark on the journey of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, or you are reviewing your current PPC activity.

The world of PPC can be quite overwhelming, so today we are just going to cover the basics. Hopefully, you will gain an insight into how valuable or not, PPC can be to your business.

What is pay-per-click?

First introduced in 2002, pay-per-click is a form of advertising, managed by creating a content ad and setting a budget. In simple terms, you only pay for the clicks you receive on your ad.

The online platforms that offer PPC are growing; the most popular include Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The number one digital marketing goal used to be, how high your site was ranked on Google organically. But now we want to also be number one on our social media pages; rewarding our followers with competition entries, creating communities, encouraging likes and sharing of pages and so on. Businesses are using social engagement to mould their markets, high fiving each person who interacts online.

Driving organic traffic to your website and social media is a process that takes time. Building up trust and a good reputation with your online community doesn’t happen overnight. This is where PPC can help to fast track by generating an audience at a cost against your competitors.

More than just a click!

We now know that pay-per-click can be the right solution if you need results faster. PPC can also be especially useful for specialised, time-sensitive campaigns, to directly address competitors, or to break into new geographic markets.

Let’s not underestimate how PPC can play an essential role in your business’ broader online marketing strategy and market research.  PPC reporting tools can help you understand the behaviour of your marketplace, breaking down the specific demographics of those who are interested in what you are selling.

Get started

Setting up an ad campaign is easy; you simply write your ad copy, select the keywords and set your daily budget. Managing your campaign isn’t quite as easy! This is where you need too closely monitor your results, ensuring the campaign adds value and gives your business a positive ROI.

The content and call to action are crucial in making sure your campaign is successful. Check out- a recent 5 step guide we put together, which will help you write content that works for your audience!

If you are still unsure what PPC is, or you would like an audit on your current PPC campaign, get in touch – our team are waiting to hear from you – letstalk@refinedmarketing.co.uk