Unleash Your Brand

‘Unleash your brand’… sounds quite dramatic!

Anything to grab your attention

Whether you are part of a sizeable well-established corporate or a fresh new SME, your brand was once the start of your business story. What is your brand story now?

  • Is your brand engaging with your market?
  • Do you give your brand justice?
  • Does your brand have a voice?

With an overwhelming amount of choices available to market sometimes our brands can become diluted, lost in translation, a forgotten purpose… it really is a sad story!

As companies grow, there can be tendencies to forget brand roots of which initially made the brand a success. With the typical behaviour of committee decision making within departments, sales pushing against marketing, baby boomers driving against the millennials; the voice of the brand can be left behind and overshadowed by politics within the business. Internal brand marketing is where the reputation of your brand starts, a strong marketing strategy which is adopted by employees will support the strength of the brand identity. 

Just a few of the most common, but quickly solved mistakes in B2B marketing:

  • Using hard-sell content rather than thought leadership.
  • Over usage of buzz words and corporate language.
  • Mistaking the audience for users rather than people that lead by emotions. 
  • If you don’t want your brand to go stale and be left behind, then stop being boring, drop the corporate tone and start showing off your USP.

Trust your brand voice

In B2B remember you are selling to people that make decisions within a business. These people, just like you, have emotions; stay authentic with your content. 

Understand your market; inform and engage with your audience. Allow your branding to have a voice, reduce corporate jargon and remind your market of your USP. 

Try new channels to communicate and don’t be afraid to experiment in your marketing. As long as your brand story is consistent and joined up, your message will be heard. 

Enable your brand voice to be an industry leader but stay approachable, and your customers will soon want to join your community and share your content. 

Successful B2B marketing is  not  a one-off event, an email campaign, or a few tweets. It is a behaviour of joined-up marketing showcasing your brand’s personality. The digital disruption is responsible for this uber effect; wanting results now. Real-time marketing is essential for businesses to survive, staying up to date with industry trends, creating and publishing new engaging content. 

If you need help unleashing your brand get in touch our team are waiting to hear from you – letstalk@refinedmarketing.co.uk