Decoding UX & UI Design

Decoding UX & UI Design

UX and UI Design, I can confirm they are not part of a secret code made up by tech geeks!

So, what do the abbreviations stand for and why are they a pivotal and crucial part of a business’s brand and marketing investment?

UX Design stands for User Experience Design.

The role of UX is to provide the user with a positive experience of the mechanics of the product/website/application. A good UX will ensure they return as a loyal customer to the brand or indeed become a customer in the first place!

To simplify UX, let’s break it down into four elements including;

Value: is it useful?
Usability: is it easy to use?
Adoptability: is it easy to start using?
Desirability: is it fun & engaging?

UX is the purpose and functionality of the product.

For example; a website can be the first impression a customer gets of the business – therefore, good UX on a website ensures we create a meaningful user experience. Defining the customer journey from the moment they land on the website and how they interact with the site. Can they find what they are looking for? Are they engaged to leave their details and request more information? Is the website responsive to their mobile device?

UI Design stands for User Interface Design.

The role of UI Design relates to the attractiveness of the website/application/product. How appealing and engaging is the design and interface? The purpose of UI Design leads the emotions of the user through what they see, hear, and feel. UI designers are experts in graphics, art and design; they understand the importance of aesthetics and excellent branding.

UI covers all elements of the interface look and feel including:

  • Typeface
  • Imagery
  • Colour palette
  • Layout

…and every other visual aspect on the product/website/application.

A good UI design brings all of these elements together seamlessly.

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