Happy Birthday To Us! – Refined Celebrates 1 Year

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We are Refined Marketing! Katherine Milburn and I – Caroline Lobatto are co-owners, friends, and supporters of each other. Right now, we are in absolute awe and excitement but not disbelief, that we have successfully reached the milestone of Refined Marketing’s successful first year. 🎉🎈

Time for a cuppa and reflect…

Now is the perfect time to reflect on our company’s fantastic adventure so far. We did have plans for a big party, in a beautiful venue with bright pink balloons and flowing champagne. A room bustling with clients and partners, not forgetting mum and dad. A socially distanced party with a small guestlist isn’t quite what we envisaged.

Hopefully, next year we can have our party. However, in the meantime, Katherine created an awesome infographic 👆, and I’m writing this blog to let you all know how the last 12 months of building our business has gone – so far!

It’s been an interesting year with a few obstacles that we have jumped, skipped and hopped through. Creating brilliant material for our clients from new logos, brochures, illustrations, case studies, email campaigns, rebrands, SEO fixes, websites rewritten to list just a few! But then COVID-19 showed its face. Not to allow this awful disease to steal the limelight of what we see as a successful year, but it has had an impact. Events were cancelled, client proposals paused. For a few months some of our focus had to be redirected to repurposing material and utilizing our time to add value where we could.

Katherine and I refer to our agency work as an expedition we are on, trekking together, maybe this is our greatest adventure? 🧐 I can see Katherine’s eyes rolling as she reads – hoping I won’t get too emotional! 😂

Where it all started

In our previous lives before the world of Refined, Katherine and myself met working in a marketing department (we were the marketing department!) 🤓. Katherine an artist, not the painting type – but an artist of creative flair and head-turning graphics, and myself the tea-maker aka copywriter together we created some really great content for a very cool industry.

We have both come together armed with previous experience of running marketing departments. So, Marketeers we both know, and appreciate the painful process it can be on client-side – How is your marketing planning going? 🙄 Do you have your budget signed off? 🤔 How do you measure marketing results? 🥱 Having previously worked on the client-side, it has helped us to work better with our clients. Navigating the best way we can through frustrations, sophisticated campaigns and the dreaded round-the-table style sign of processes.

I digress; Back to where it all started 😊

We both met, worked well together, and the ‘dream team’ of content creation was born! The realization hit that we had the experience, drive, and skills to offer marketing support to specialized industries on a larger scale. Historically we have both enjoyed working in technical industries. Building our first year of the agency, we have naturally played to those strengths and prior experience.

Our Adventure so – far

Oh, we have had some fun! Both Katherine and I are not afraid to say we juggle work, and kids – with the most wonderful support from our better halves. We are both working hard to keep our dream alive of a successful marketing agency in the North West. Although quite challenging recently. Throw in homeschooling, banana loaf baking and not forgetting PE with Joe every morning and you feel like you are being tested 🚸🍌.  It has been a tough 6 months with half the year interrupted with COVID-19 🧫, but not even a pandemic will get in the way of us creating some great content 💹.

Fortunate to work with some great companies, we love supporting businesses to achieve the marketing goals they want, and genuinely have fun working together 🙌.

What’s Next?

Ideally, the plan is to carry on growing as an agency that offers technical content creation for our specialized industries. We are really enjoying working with our clients in the construction, marine, and technology industries. And hope to build on our knowledge and skills to carry on supporting you all.

Katherine and I are excited to be growing our team at Refined Marketing and look forward to welcoming our new team members …when we find them!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new job openings this autumn, maybe you are the right fit for our team?

Full Job descriptions to follow in the next few weeks

  • Junior Copywriter
  • Assistant Graphic Designer
  • Experienced Developer

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported us and carry on supporting us on our journey. (expedition 🏳)

From our families to yours, stay safe and enjoy the final few days of summer.

Much Love

Katherine and Caroline

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