Top 3 Content Marketing Questions Answered.

Content marketing has been a ‘hot’ topic for years – and just by doing a simple google search, you will find an endless list of experts giving their advice on best practices and strategies.

However, there are a few reoccurring trends we have picked up –

What is content marketing? How can I start?

Let’s face it – with so many choices of going to market, it can be a minefield, and often the business owner won’t have the time, so they work reactively rather than forward planning their content.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing aims to create content your target market will engage with, including blogs, infographics, and videos. Content marketing supports data collection, brand loyalty, social media, building a captive audience, and strengthening search engine optimisation.

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We have noted our top 3 questions with answers that we hear weekly in client conversations and out on the road.

Q1: Our business is new to content marketing – where do we start?

Know your customer

When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals. Once you gain insight into your customers, you can better engage them with a more compelling experience.

Content Marketing goals

As you start to map out your content marketing strategy, it is essential to be mindful of the business objectives. What do you want to achieve through content marketing?

When setting goals, ensure they are realistic and measurable.

For example;
Our content marketing goal is to book 20 appointments in 8 weeks. We will do this by creating engaging content that will grow our social media, drive traffic to our website, and grow our email list.

Q2: How can content marketing help our business generate leads?

Lead generation plays a pivotal role in any business to stay in business! Marketing starts with a focus on lead generation, but we realise it’s so much more by looking at the bigger picture ‘Like a domino effect.’ The next challenge is keeping the prospect engaged, building loyalty, gaining a returning customer, recognition, referrals, and reviews.

Identifying which content marketing techniques would work for your business can be tricky! There are various options, and this is where it’s a challenge. The choice you make will reflect the cost to the company and how effective the content is communicated.

To make the most of your investment, it’s important to repurpose your content where you can; this will start to tell a story for your brand and save you ££££’s.

We have listed our top 3 content marketing techniques for lead generation.

1. Publish Blogs

Blogs are a great way to engage your audience by education, thought leadership and problem-solving; a larger piece of content marketing and can easily be broken down and repurposed.

Just like what we are doing now in our blog! We know our target market, we see a trend in offering a solution to content marketing, so we take our industry knowledge and expertise and pen the blog. We recommend publishing the blog on your website and sharing the blog via email campaigns and social media posts.

When writing your blog, ensure you research and review how the industry and your competition respond to the topic. Using popular keywords and writing SEO friendly content will support your website rankings and help meet your marketing goals.

2. Include a call to action with a lead capture form

A simplistic and effective way to generate leads and measure the success of your content marketing is to add a call to action which collects data. Generally, the form will be filled out by the prospect in exchange for a reward, for example;

Premium content

  • eBook
  • White Paper
  • Checklist
  • Template
  • Video
  • Webinar


  • Discounted services/products
  • Early Bird event tickets
  • Free business audit
  • Free reports

3. Include Infographics

Refined Marketing love infographics! A bespoke graphic representing information, the perfect solution to simplify complex detail and engage with the reader.

We create infographics with our clients to create timelines, simplify process’s, step-by-step, instructions, highlight strengths and USP’s within the company’s offering – and so much more. Infographics support content marketing by conveying information in an eye-catching visual.

Why should you consider infographics in your content marketing?

  • People love to share them on social media
  • Easy to understand complex information
  • Adds value to your brand

Refined Marketing’s infographic to show our process

Q3: How do we measure the effectiveness of content marketing?

It is a crucial step in your content marketing; you have created and published some great content, but is it effective? Are those goals being met?

Utilising tools will help you collect the data to get an insight into the success of your content marketing and where it needs to be tweaked.

Here are a few of the tools our agency use;

Google Analytics:

Monitor your customer’s behaviour and how they engage with your content on the website by utilising Google Analytics. Take a look at how long they view the content and what action they take next. This data will give you an insight into the source of your website traffic and what improvements are needed to increase lead generation.

Bitly Links:

A helpful tool that will reduce and customise those extra-long links, encouraging the customer to click through. The brilliant added bonus to Bitly links is that you can track the clickthrough rate; this will help you monitor the success of the link.

Social Media Insights:

Your social media metrics will give you data on your campaign; this will help you understand if you are using the correct media to represent your content. Social Media plays the role of bringing all your digital marketing together – connecting the dots of your campaign. All of the leading platforms will give you access to the data of how successful your campaign is, breaking down the demographics of the individual engaging with your content.

Mailchimp Reporting:

A simple platform to use, the reports from Mailchimp, which includes all the data you need to design engaging email campaigns. The information covers the open rate, bounce rate, number of clicks, forwards, and unsubscribes of each email sent out.

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