What Is Your B2B Social Media Strategy?

Social media is here to stay, and B2Bs are getting good at it!

Many B2B marketers would say that an essential aspect of digital marketing is social media. A powerful tool to generate leads and strengthen brand reputation. However, with many platforms to choose from in the fast-paced world of social media, how can you navigate effectively and confidently get a good ROI for your business?

Some social media platforms have proven to be more valuable for B2B than others. For example, you are less likely to see business conversations and thought leadership on Facebook and Snapchat. However, Twitter and LinkedIn are used successfully by businesses to build B2B communities.

Before you start investing time and money into your social media marketing, set out a clear strategy as this will help you have clarity about which  social media platforms are most suitable for your audience, and the relationships you are hoping to develop.

Follow these basic rules, and you will be on your way to successful social media marketing:

  • Work to a social media strategy which aligns with your marketing plan and editorial calendar.
  • Publish high-quality content.
  • Stay true to your brand and stay up to date with the latest trends and competitors within your industry.
  • Increase engagement by interacting and responding to your audience by replying to comments/messages.
  • Get involved with industry discussions and be generous with your contribution.

Just like any marketing investment for your business, to grasp an understanding of your social media marketing and know if it’s “working”, you need to measure it. I don’t mean running reports and getting excited about one hundred likes and a thousand impressions.

With B2B marketing, the goal is to drive the audience back to your website and transfer the initial engagement into leads.

Measuring your ROI can be broken down into 4 steps

  1. Audience engagement
  2. Drive traffic to a website
  3. Generate strong leads
  4. Convert data into business

If you are active on social media, but you aren’t following a plan. Get in touch – the team are waiting to hear from you – letstalk@refinedmarketing.co.uk