Video calls are a branding opportunity

‘Book in a Zoom Call’  ‘I will see you on Teams’ – sound familiar?

Working remotely has become the ‘norm’ for many businesses, over the last 12 months users for video conferencing has grown rapidly in response to the pandemic.

Technology to the rescue– using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, tech has enabled us to connect face to face from the comfort of our homes. In just a few clicks we can have our team members on the screen collaborating on a work project or simply have our weekly meeting.

When we set up our video calls, we check our background – maybe strategically place the unread impressive books to the front of the shelf on full view. Or for some without the working environment at home, we do our best to hide the half-finished kitchen or the kids toys in the backdrop,

At Refined Marketing as brand managers, we know the importance of grasping every opportunity to showcase your brand. A video call to team members and clients is another prospect to capitalize on presenting to the market.

The solution – Branded Video Call Backgrounds

Uploading a branded background hides the home environment and replaces it with your messaging.

Take a look at a few examples Refined have created for our clients ensuring they are on brand even at home.


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