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Are you starting a new business or refreshing your brand? A strong brand that reflects the USP’s of your business through logo design and storytelling will keep you ahead of your competitors. Supporting start-ups and small businesses in the North West Refined Marketing believe that defining your brand is an essential part of your company’s success, regardless of your company size, budget and target audience.

Checkout our top 3 steps to building a successful brand

1. Brand Promise

This is the value you deliver to ALL your customers, ALL the time.
A compelling brand promise helps build a strong brand, represents your brand experience, and has emotional connections with the core customer.

To engage with clients, a brand promise must achieve the following three goals:

  • It must convey a compelling benefit
  • It must be authentic & credible
  • It must be kept, every time

2. Brand Proposition

What do you do to ensure your promise is always fulfilled?
Your brand selling proposition is how you convince your audience that you can solve their problems and that you’re the right company for the job.
Without a brand proposition, you have nothing you can highlight to make stronger connections with your target audience. Unless your brand proposition is clear and meaningful, your customer,

3. Brand Identity

Is the brand identity providing an accurate representation of the business?

Brand identity includes logos, typography, colours, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the brand’s existing reputation. Brand identity attracts new customers while making existing customers feel at home…Your brand identity must be consistent.

Look – What does your brand look like?
Voice – What does your brand sound like?
Personality – What impression does your brand leave?

Our team appreciate that start-ups and small businesses are limited to highly skilled marketing professionals due to budget restraints – which is why our agency is set up to give your business access to these services locally.

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