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We spoke with our go-to Business Gift suppliers to grasp an insight into the work they do, and how they support businesses adding value to their brand…

Q1: In one sentence sum up how you support the brand awareness of a business

Business gifts leave a long-lasting reminder of a brand for many repeat exposures and a chance of being around when a buying need arises.

Q2: Tell us your brand story

We started in 1985 as Ad-Options, selling advertising, print, and promotional gifts. In the late 1990s, we acquired the URL BusinessGiftUK.com  and that became the trading name. The private company title remains Ad-Options Ltd. The original logo was based around the red, white, and blue of the Union Flag and we specialise in UK-made business gifts. In the last four years, the UK gift manufacturers have led the way in developing eco-friendly products and we have rebranded in two shades of green to reflect our own ethical commitments. Our rebrand has been an eco-evolution as we only use the new logo, as and when something needs replacing.

Q3: In 3 words tell us how you STANDOUT against your competitors

Experienced. Ethical. Service

Q4: What is the most popular promotional product businesses are ordering at the moment?

Our best-selling product, for over a decade now, is the classic Ad Loop key ring. This UK-made, unique, encapsulated ribbon, message carrier is extremely tough, practical, fun, and funky. Thousands of our clients, particularly in the property and motor trades, pop an Ad Loop on every bunch of keys they handle. This leads to more recommendations, referrals, and repeat business. Very few people change this very practical fob and our clients’ contact details are in their customers’ pockets for many years to come.

Q5: What is your first piece of advice to a new business shopping around for promotional items?

A new business needs to tell everyone what they are doing, particularly friends and family, who will be the early advocates for the new venture. They should be armed with at least business cards to distribute liberally. However, a small promotional gift can take the message further and leave a longer-lasting reminder of the new concept. Pens or keyrings are ideal to easily carry around and pass on. How they are used is also important. Tell everyone a brief story of the start-up, give them a few of the gifts and ask them to pass a gift, and the story, on to others. This will grow a network of contacts among those close to the business and will leave lasting reminders to hand when a need to buy arises. The same principles apply to established businesses when they are out and about, visiting, or networking.



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